Trains from Bhopal to Chennai

There are 20 different train services running from Bhopal to Chennai (formerly known as Madras). The scheduled journey time by train from Bhopal to Chennai is from 20 hours 35 minutes to 31 hours 05 minutes depending upon which train you take.

Train Times from Bhopal to Chennai

There are 13 train services operating from Bhopal Junction Railway Station (BPL) to Chennai Central Station (MAS).

TrainBhopal (BPL)Chennai (MAS)Operating Days
1268801:5502:10 + 1 dayTu,Sa
2268801:5502:10 + 1 dayTu,Sa
1603203:0510:10 + 1 dayM,Th,Su
1609403:0510:10 + 1 dayTu,F
1261605:2506:20 + 1 dayM,Tu,W,Th,F,Sa,Su
1296807:1509:30 + 1 dayM,Sa
1297007:1509:30 + 1 dayW
2264521:1023:20 + 1 dayM
1251121:1023:20 + 1 dayTh,F,Su
1252121:1023:20 + 1 dayTu

There are also 7 train services from Bhopal Junction Railway Station (BPL) to Chennai Egmore Railway Station (MS).

TrainBhopal (BPL)Chennai (MS)Operating Days
1481509:4509:50 + 1 dayTh
2240411:0514:10 + 1 dayM
1960311:4014:10 + 1 daySu

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Location of Bhopal Junction Railway Station

Bhopal Junction Railway Station is located 3.1 km by road from the Taj Ul Masajid Bhopal.

Google Map of Bhopal Junction Railway Station

Location of Chennai Central Station

Chennai Central Station is located 4.1 km by road from Marina Beach.

Google Map of Chennai Central Station

Location of Chennai Egmore Railway Station

Chennai Egmore Railway Station is located 4.6 km by road from Marina Beach.

Google Map of Chennai Egmore Railway Station

About Travel to Chennai

Chennai is one of India’s most exciting cities and, with a population of over 7 million, one its largest. Modernity and history mix together in this city, as do commerce and tradition. There is plenty to commend Chennai to visitors, 4 million of which it typically attracts in a normal year. In terms of things to do and places to see Chennai has it all, along with great food, good transport links and a wide selection of hotels to suit all budgets.

Napier Bridge in Chennai
Napier Bridge in Chennai

The defining characteristic of Chennai as a city is its coastal location. Chennai has 10 beaches within the city limits which are the social centres of the city, although they aren’t swimming and sunbathing beaches. The 13 km Marina Beach features a 6 km promenade which is lined with food stalls. Late afternoon and early evening this area is generally packed with people enjoying the cooler weather, playing sport and enjoying a snack.

Chennai also has plenty of historical buildings dating back to the time the city was part of the British Empire including the Gothic style Chennai Central Railway, designed by a British architect, Fort St. George, created by the British East India Company in the 17th Century, and St. Mary’s Church, which is the oldest British church in India. For fantastic South Indian architecture we recommend taking a trip 55 km to the south of the city centre to Mahabalipuram, which features over 400 monuments and temples created in the 7th and 8th Centuries.

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